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RSA ClearTrust 5.0.1 delivers the highest Login and Extranet performance per Authorization/Policy Server CPU we've measured: 60,144 Logins and 221,980 Extranet operations per minute per CPU

Recent Reports

Netegrity SiteMinder 4.61 with Microsoft Active Directory sets the standard for Policy Server login performance on Windows 2000 with 37,251 logins per minute per CPU

IBM Tivoli Access Manager for e-business v3.8 sets new Extranet performance records: 553,245 operations/minute, 52% faster than any other product, and 19,732 operations/minute/CPU, 67% faster than we've ever measured on a Sun server.

OpenNetwork Technologies DirectorySmart 4.7 with Microsoft Windows 2000 Active Directory on Compaq ProLiant ML570 servers sets the TCO/Performance and Annual TCO/User standards against which other Web access control and identity management solutions will be measured.

Compute your own Total Cost of Ownership and TCO-based metrics with our spreadsheet.

Baltimore Technologies SelectAccess 3.1 delivers the highest overall and per CPU AuthMark Login and Extranet performance we've measured to date — 205,359 logins per minute and 7,065 logins per minute per CPU as well as 354,112 Extranet operations per minute and 11,782 Extranet operations per minute per CPU.


DirectoryMark 1.3
We've released an update to the industry-standard DirectoryMark Benchmark. DirectoryMark 1.3 now supports Active Directory on Windows 2000 and Windows Server 2003. It also has support for Active Directory in Application Mode as well as a new set of run rules. We've also added some bug fixes. Download free executables now! Source code is also available if you want to customize DirectoryMark.

WebStone and DirectoryMark Forums
We have created Web-based forums to replace the WebStone and DirectoryMark mailing lists. We did this to reduce the spamming that the lists attracted and to provide a more useful way for these communities to interact. Let us know what you think. The WebStone and DirectoryMark forums are available now!

AuthMark™ Benchmark
Tests authentication and authorization performance for Web access control products.


Strategies for Buying Directory Servers
Given at the Electronic Messaging Association Solution Summit 98, this presentation defines a methodology for making sound business decisions when you buy products.

DirectoryMark Benchmark Overview and Status
This DirectoryMark presentation is the overview given to the EMA Directory Committee.

Report Archives

  • OpenNetwork Technologies DirectorySmart 4.6 delivers outstanding performance scaling and achieves the highest login and Extranet sequence rates we've seen to date: 146,051 logins per minute and 25,428 Extranet Sequences (279,708 operations) per minute.

  • Netegrity SiteMinder 4.51 achieves high overall performance and the highest per CPU performance that we've seen to date. It delivers 112,202 logins per minute and 20,179 Extranet Sequences (221,969 operations) per minute for 1,000,000 users.

  • Oblix NetPoint 4.0 Delivers 103,200 logins per minute and 16,260 Extranet Sequences (178,860 operations) per minute for 1,000,000 Users while demonstrating great scalability.

  • The Netscape Application Server 4.0 is 1.4 times faster than another popular Application Server.

  • The Open Benchmark results are in. Mindcraft has proven its tests are unbiased and accurate. This test was overseen by PC Week with Red Hat and Microsoft participating.

Mindcraft® has been providing software testing and development services for our clients since 1985. With our focus on Internet and intranet technologies, we offer our vendor and user clients cost-effective services and products using the latest technology.

Mindcraft's services and products include:

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  • Benchmark tools including WebStone, DirectoryMark, and others.
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