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The LDAP Server Benchmarking Tool

DirectoryMark 1.3

DirectoryMark 1.3 has support for Active Directory on Windows 2000 and Windows Server 2003. It also has support for Active Directory in Application Mode as well as a new set of run rules that eliminates the need for directory size classes. The change history for DirectoryMark 1.3 is available for your review. We have released versions for Windows and Solaris. Download the one you want now! The executables are free. If you are interested in the source code, please contact us.

The DirectoryMark 1.3 benchmark is designed to measure the performance of server products that use Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP), version 3.

You can customize the DirectoryMark testing scenarios to meet your needs. You can use your own data in LDIF format to generate test scripts.

Mindcraft is maintaining DirectoryMark and is providing this Web site as a service for our clients and for the industry. We would appreciate any feedback you have.

DirectoryMark Forum

We have created a Web-based forum to replace the DirectoryMark mailing list. We did this to reduce the spamming that the list attracted and to provide a more useful way for the DirectoryMark community to interact. Let us know what you think. This DirectoryMark forum is available now!


DirectoryMark 1.2.1 running on Solaris 8 on SPARC processors
(1,056 KB compressed tar file)

DirectoryMark 1.1 running on Solaris 2.5.1 on SPARC processors
(1,056 KB compressed tar file)

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