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WebStone Forum

We have created a Web-based forum to replace the WebStone mailing list. We did this to reduce the spamming that the list attracted and to provide a more useful way for the WebStone community to interact. Let us know what you think. This WebStone forum is available now! The old email list will go away on March 1, 2002.

WebStone 2.5

Both executable and source code for WebStone 2.5 are available for free and will stay that way. The highlights of the new release are:

  • It's much more reliable.
  • Tests are reproducible. The previous version of WebStone used a time of day random seed. Now it can optionally use a fixed random seed.
  • WebStone 2.5 comes with a new license designed to encourage you to contribute enhancements while protecting you and your company from liability.
  • There is an optional new dynamic workload that simulates ad rotation.
  • WebStone 2.5 results can be compared to WebStone 2.01 results (unless you use the new dynamic workload).

Future Enhancements

Mindcraft wants to encourage the WebStone community to make enhancements for everyone to use. The most popular WebStone enhancement requests are:

  • SSL support
  • POST support
  • HTTP 1.1 support
  • Cookie support
  • Dynamic workloads with database access
  • Authentication
  • HTTP 1.0 keep-alive support
  • The ability to send different headers
  • Support for a large number of URLs
  • Pre-compiled executables for more systems

Please let us know if you are interested in contributing code to the WebStone community in these or other areas.

Mindcraft will freely redistribute contributed WebStone enhancements.

WebStone Mailing List

The WebStone mailing list will cease operation on March 1, 2002. It has already been replaced by the WebStone forum, a Web-based discussion group that should provide a better way for the WebStone community to interact (as well as eliminating spam).

If you want to send private email to Mindcraft about WebStone, send it to


Please read the WebStone Public License before obtaining either source or executable code for WebStone 2.5. By downloading any WebStone 2.5 source or executable code you agree to be bound by this license agreement..

If you are interested in WebStone 2.01, you can still get it.


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