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New: RSA ClearTrust 5.0.1 delivers the highest Login and Extranet performance per Authorization/Policy Server CPU we've measured: 60,144 Logins and 221,980 Extranet operations per minute per CPU

Netegrity SiteMinder 4.61 with Microsoft Active Directory sets the standard for Policy Server login performance on Windows 2000 with 37,251 logins per minute per CPU

IBM Tivoli Access Manager for e-business v3.8 sets new Extranet performance records: 553,245 operations/minute, 52% faster than any other product, and 19,732 operations/minute/CPU, 67% faster than we've ever measured on a Sun server.

OpenNetwork Technologies DirectorySmart 4.7 with Microsoft Windows 2000 Active Directory on Compaq ProLiant ML570 servers sets the TCO/Performance and Annual TCO/User standards against which other Web access control and identity management solutions will be measured.

Baltimore Technologies SelectAccess 3.1 delivers the highest overall and per CPU AuthMark Login and Extranet performance we've measured to date — 205,359 logins per minute and 7,065 logins per minute per CPU as well as 354,112 Extranet operations per minute and 11,782 Extranet operations per minute per CPU.

OpenNetwork Technologies DirectorySmart 4.6 delivers outstanding performance scaling and achieves the highest login and Extranet sequence rates we've seen to date: 146,051 logins per minute and 25,428 Extranet Sequences (279,708 operations) per minute.

Netegrity SiteMinder 4.51 achieves high overall performance and the highest per CPU performance that we've seen to date. It delivers 112,202 logins per minute and 20,179 Extranet Sequences (221,969 operations) per minute for 1,000,000 users. 

  • Oblix NetPoint 4.0 Delivers 103,200 logins per minute and 16,260 Extranet Sequences (178,860 operations) per minute for 1,000,000 Users while demonstrating great scalability.
  • Securant's ClearTrust Version 4.2 Delivers 45,767 Logins per Minute for 1,000,000 Users and Easily Scales to 5,000,000 Users.
  • The HP NetServer LT 6000r is the fastest Web server that we've tested to date. It packs a lot of performance and high-availability features in a small enclosure.
  • Sun-Netscape Alliance iPlanet Web Server has a high-performance Java servlet interface and outperforms Stronghold.
  • Open Benchmark white paper reports on Linux and Windows NT Server benchmarks we ran with Red Hat and overseen by PC Week.

  • File Server Comparison: Windows NT Server 4.0 and NetWare 5
    • Read our file server comparison of Windows NT Server 4.0 and NetWare 5.
    • Then look at our detailed rebuttal of Novell's fallacious accusations in response to our comparison. You will learn a lot about NetBench benchmarking.
    • We've also prepared a summary rebuttal so you can see the highlights.
    • If you're interested in comparing Windows NT Server 4.0 and IntraNetWare 4.11 as file servers we have another report for you to look at.

  • Comparison Between Windows NT Server 4.0 and Solaris 2.6
    • Executive Summary:
      Windows NT Server 4.0 and Solaris 2.6 File Server and Web Server Performance
    • File Server White Paper:
      Windows NT Server 4.0 Has 4.2 Times Faster File-Server Performance and 11.2 Times Better Price/Performance Than Solaris 2.6 with TotalNET 5.2
    • Web Server White Paper:
      Windows NT Server 4.0 Is Four Times Faster as a Web Server Than Solaris 2.6 with Sun Web Server 1.0 and Has 10.3 Times Better Price/Performance


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